Monday, August 1, 2011

Crunch Time!!

Hello everyone! We're getting down to the final touches! There has been a lot done since my last post...
Windows done (Thanks to my awesome mom!)
Tile done
Floors done
Electricity done (still have a few lights to put up) My grandpa is finishing it
Counters done
Sink installed
Air conditioner (kinda done) They are working at night because of the heat
Concrete GONE (Thanks dad for taking out the old concrete!) Should have a new driveway and sidewalk by Friday
Living room cabinet built

Sooo excited!! Next post.... MOVING IN!!!

PS, if you haven't seen this already, I shot a video that was chosen as a Top 50 contestant in the American Airlines "Flights. Camera. Action. Video Contest." To vote for the TSD Logistics video go to and look for a really awkward thumbnail of me. :0) Thanks!

White subway tile in kitchen. We bought all the tile from Home Depot. The birch counter tops are from Ikea. FYI they are sold out for months, buy early! 

Soooo excited about the kitchen!!

Lights from Ikea. One is going in the dining room, the other in the kitchen. They are 2 feet in diameter. Thanks Nat for picking them out! 

Living room chairs from Ikea! Thanks Dad for making the trip to Ikea with me, it was an experience to say the least! 

Bathroom tile!! Cody picked this out! The tile is the same in both bathrooms.
Front porch lights. These are Allen + Roth from Home Depot. I bought the front door, back door, and the square cloth bathroom lights from Home Depot. 

CLEAN WINDOWS!!! THANKS MOM! She soaked, scraped, and wiped these babies all day Saturday! 

Shower tile! 

Bath/Shower tile in the front bathroom! 

My sink and lights. My dad found this sink in Texarkana, can't remember where he got it but I love it!

Farmhouse sink!! Cody and Nat picked it out from Ikea! I absolutely love it!! The cabinets on the bottom will have doors. 

New cabinet in the living room! The two on the sides are original to the house. 


  1. Seriously LOVE looking at your posts! It looks so great Nat!!


  2. I want that farmhouse sink and the color on your walls! So glad we have the same bathroom makes me feel super cool!!