Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What to do?

My latest de-lima: buy a new gas range or an antique Chambers gas range? The top picture is from Cottage Living, this is what I want my kitchen to look like. We have already decided on the farmhouse sink, its being purchased from Ikea. The countertops will be chopping block purchased from Ikea as well. We are using the same handles seen here for my cabinets. I ordered all of my appliances from Lowe's, minus the range. Everything is Stainless Steel Whirlpool. I shopped around at Home Depot, a supply store in town, and online. Lowe's had the best prices on everything but the stove. They had good deals running for Memorial Day, so I jumped on the opportunity. When they printed my receipt it said I saved $550 with the discounts, thats exciting for the budget im working on! (I'll post model numbers later)

Anyways, I have my heart set on this beauty of a stove, but I am trying to find one that works and doesnt cost an arm and a leg. Anyone know of one for sale? Of course, I've been searching e-bay, craigslist, and some other places that blogs suggested. But I haven't been overly successful. Please contact me if you know of any!!

The house is coming along great! With the gracious help of my little cousin Baylee and my AWESOME new next door neighbor, we managed to pull all the nails out of the wood walls that will be seen! I was super excited to have their help. The carpenter is going to town on the inside, I'll post pics soon.
I start the real world tomorrow, so I better hit the sack. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paint Ideas

Interior Colors. Haven't decided what to put where, but this is the basic idea. 
I found this house in Fayetteville and liked the exterior colors. 

Wood Walls

Bare walls without any work. The strings are pieces of the cheese cloth left after pulling a majority of it off. To get it off we've used a small torch to burn it. 

One month into the project

North side of the house after columns got new brick
When you walk in the front door this is the right side of the living room. We are keeping the cabinets and adding another cabinet in the middle. You can see where there used to be a fireplace.
New columns. They will be wood on the top.
We used Ron Otwell to lay the brick. He did a great job. 
Here you can see where we are taking the back porch and turning it into the master bathroom and mud-room.
We took out two of the windows in the master bedroom to allow for a door to the new bathroom. One of the windows will be used in the bathroom on the backside of the house. We are using Jim Sisk as the carpenter. 

This is the backyard. I love the huge oak tree! I'm hoping the add a deck on the back eventually. 
This wall is going to stay wooden in the living room and the rest will be sheet rock. Right now we're trying to figure out how to make the walls look good. The previous owners hung cheese cloth on all the walls to put wall paper on so there are tons of nails in the wood.
This is looking from the kitchen into the dinning room and living room. There was a wall here but we tore it down to make everything more open. The walls in the dining room with all be wooden. 

Before Pictures

Here is the house! 

Back of the house

Front porch

Living room

Front bedroom. You can see a bit of the wood walls here.

Front bathroom

Master bedroom! I'm thinking about keeping the curtains lol


Back porch

Dining room

Living room

Back of the house